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Go Organic
Organic SEO (search engine optimization) is the phrase used to describe processes to obtain a natural placement on organic search engine results pages (SERPs).

Techniques used for organic SEO include using keywords and keyword analysis, backlinking, link building and cross linking to improve site popularity and reach. The very best way is by generating art and writing content relevant for people who would be interested in your service or product offerings.

Other practices involve server side software which engages search engines and their spiders to notice your site.

A Reference Site Is NOT a website
We all use them! Reference sites such as Google+, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram, Squarespace, Eat/24, Ebay, Amazon, Chownow, Yelp, Store Envy, Mailchimp are all fantistic tools! Although you may have a page, on one of these peripheral sites, the content you contribute, will never be yours.

As illustrated in the image, unless you own, and protect a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) address, in the national registry in your own legal name, you do not own a website. Just like renting an apartment, the longer you prolong buying a URL, you are losing precious equity which online, is called reach or ranking potential. Longevity really is one of the key elements to getting to the top, so start now!

Tidal Shore Starter Website
Starting at $99/month
Included in this program
URL Registration
Secure Hosting 99.9% Uptime
Secure Email Service with webmail
Organic SEO built into every site
Software and server maintenance
Front End Updates
Javascript Menu
Ten Pages and a Contact Form
Subscription Integration
Peripheral site linking such as
Shopping Carts / Social Media or
Reference and Listing Sites
Designed for all mobile devices
W3C Compliant
Website Promote Thyself
One of the two most important technical objectives of a website is to promote itself.

Services who claim to improve your site's ranking through their magical external system, make for messy, unmeasurable metrics.

The fact is you are not going to outsmart Google. In the heirarchy of playing the internet game, Google is the moderator. Presently, they make the rules, and see when someone is trying skew the integrity of their analytical schematic. Hire someone who will honestly represent your site with
organic SEO, rather than looking for an easy way out - that doesn't exist. BS rank pushers, are lying to take advantage of your false hope and profit by your lack of knowledge.
Social Media Management
Starting at $99/month
If social media statistics are baffling you, we can help. Are you posting and doing everything you can, but not reaping the fruit you were hoping? Perhaps with a little help you can see some improvement.

Reference & Listing Sites
Starting at $99/month
We also manage referral sites for service companies such as Craigs List or Angies List.

Application or App Management
Starting at $99/month

Network Support Web Development Software Design Internet Marketing
Disaster Recovery
Back Up & Storage
Software Installation
Desktop Support
Virtual Server
Peer to Peer Set Up
Security & Firewalls
Sharing Solutions

Graphic Design
Photography Services
Shopping Cart Site
Forms and Newsletters
Flash Development
JavaScript Wigits
Photo Galleries
Menus & Attractors
E-Commerce Services
Content Management
Database Development
Upgrade & Maintenance
Software Architecture
Project Management
Interactive Content
Mobile Syncronization
Mobile Solutions
Site Promotion SEO
Backlinks & Keywords
Social Media Mgmt.
Content Management
Digital Newsletter
Lead Generation
List Management

Your message deserves attention. Our websites are not made by machines, but attended to by programmers and people who are talented designers and artists, driven SEO promoters, amazing server side software masters, and professional coordinators who make sure everything dances to the tune of your marketing plan.

Your working hard to provide the best products and services in your industry. So many good businesses short change themselves on what should still be the most economical marketing tool available to them. Your site's tech will include built-in technological cues that servers and search engines can't pass up. SEO - Search Engine Optimization is one of the two most important elements of your web strategy. We would never advocate trusting an outside group who doesn't effect the inner workings of your pages to run your SEO. It just doesn't work that way. Build perfect SEO right into your HOME website! This is how it was designed to be.

Take advantage of our established, in-house, creative and technical team. Design and Technology dance on the web. Is your site doing a polka when it should be a tango? Our technical people have been programming databases and sites for major corporations since web began. They are here and ready to apply the same quality of service and use the same technology we use for the big guys, on your project. Our developers have worked on sites for major corporations like Microsoft, Slumberger, Walgreens, Rice University and more.

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