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Increase Sales Through Targeted Promotions

It's discouraging to see how much time you can waste on prospects who really aren't prospects at all but tire kickers. Good work generally comes from three sources: referrals, repeat business, and new leads.

In a growing, organization, client perception may not keep pace with reality. This is why social media is so important. 

Overlook Social Media And You Are Making A Big Mistake
Don't expect clients to come banging down the door before you generate interest in social media. There isn't a magic bullet and one single solution won't work for everyone.

We can help you find clients. Is there a gorilla in the room? Let's talk about it. It’s unsafe to have any client that represents more than 35% of your business. Now is the time to broaden your reach through a strong, targeted promotional campaign.

Cost-effective. Responsive. Full Service. Could sound like Cheap. Quick. Desperate. The only good reason for clients to come is for a quality product or service and your valuable expertise. Good reasons to STAY are cost-effective, responsive, and full service. Your product is your expertise. Advertising, promoting, and communication is ours.

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Photography and Video
Shall we impress you with our state of the art photography studio or come to your place and shoot some really great photography there. We can shoot the menu, or product images to promote your brand on social media. Don't post phone pics all the time. Make a custom campaign strategy taylored for results. Portray quality in all of your advertising

With more than 50 years of combined experience, shooting stills and video. Tidal Shore boasts three media and video editing suites.
Professional photographic services since 1991. Our 6000 sq. ft. professional photography studios are the start of a great campaign.

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