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Engage customers on the path to conversion. Todays media, is the evolution of journalism and advertising working together. Your publicist is continually guaging and engaging people at their doorstep. Analytics directs the content your publishing. Big data might seem confusing to you, but for your publicist, it's the foundation to everything. The payoff and benefits far outweigh the cost of doing it without a publicist. Hire a publicist today. This is certainly the land where content is king, and appropriating the content is critical. Tidal Shore understands content.
Strategic Social Media
Content. Timing. Creativity. Application. It's a tricky business. Businesses make pivotal mistakes by taking high quality elements, and juggling them blindly. Marking demographics requires lots of time to analyze your competition. Having Tidal Shore at your side increases revenue, presents new insights, and aids in making better decisions. We will know exactly where you fit in so we can increase.
Tidal Shore boasts three media and video editing suites. Professional photographic services since 1991. Our 6000 sq. ft. professional photography studios are the start of your next great promotion. Excellent photography is the central component to a great campaign. Our post-production facility is the best you can hope for. We prepare images for every scenario, print, e-commerce, catalogs, websites, social media, or anything. With more than 50 years of combined experience, shooting stills and video.
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Design Studio
Feast your eyes on our creative. Companies who hire professional designers set themselves above the noise and the junk of the dump and re-share masses. We help our clients to outperform their peers by creating thoughtful, quality content that generates buzz! Award winning, excellent design is one of the key ingredients to an effective marketing program. Our design team is full of culture makers, and people who are incredibly talented and creatively engaged in many aspects of the experience.
Brand Development
Goals, plans, visions, missions, motivating people to work together. It's all about togetherness. Your advertising dollar will go further wrapped up in a familiar message. If you're not paying attention 24/7 you can miss the opportunity to fulfill a cultural need and be a part of what is happening! Great brands leave room for when the opportunity arises. A cohesive message across all platforms allows for faster, smoother output of content in real-time. This results in increased conversion, every customer coming back for more, guaranteed.
Media Marketing
Hiring a media company, gives you access. Information is sometimes a locked closet that only industry people are privy to. Media technology is the secret being told every second. We are the media partner to turn good customers into better ones. Personal attention is not something you can buy anywhere. Big companies are throwing stones on your behalf, in hopes that a few get noticed. Make your business ready for the next wave or make that wave happen.
Public Relations
Public relations professionals are not afraid of content. After all they manage and generate what feeds our heads. That includes your website, social media, traditional advertising, and all that goes with the broadcasting of your brand investment. To fear public relations is to fail to understand your consumer. Deliver relevant experiences with confidence.
Get in the game! So many businesses are afraid of their own content. Rather than fear the connection to your own lifeline, quickly discover what is and what is not turning heads in your campaign, and adjust.
Technology In Media
Tidal Shore has been developing websites since 2000, building apps since 2011. Our experience ensures your technological assets are worth the investment. Businesses fail to consider needs, and understandably so. it is a very complicated web of details. Don't give up, before you factor the cost. You can't afford not to! All of those devices and technologies are updating every minute, you need someone on your side before you become obsolete. We have programs for every client. You can get in at a level you are comfortable with, and be prepared for the goal up ahead. Tidal Shore will hold nothing back. We appropriate budgets and to needs daily.
Past Corporate Clients (abbreviated)
Universal Studios, MTV, Radio One, KRTS Classical Radio, Gulf Coast Publishing, Continental Airlines, City of Houston, City of Galveston, New Balance Shoes, Dell Computer, X-Box, Exxon, Texaco, Houston Museum of Natural Science, House of Blues, Universal Studios, Disney, Kroger, Swatch Watch, Pennzoil, Coca-Cola, Minute Maid, The Smithsonian, Garden Ridge Pottery, RX.com, Radio Shack, Gary Green Realty, Remax Realty, Century 21 Realty, Keller Williams, Camden, Better Homes & Gardens Magazine.
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