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Organic Reach
Hiring Tidal Shore to mind your social media means there's no reason to pay Facebook. Don't settle for anything less than organic reach. The alternative is a superficial placebo that gives you clicks and likes from people too far out of reach to be real. There are services that are hired to like and click to make those paid reach promotions look good, so you will keep spending money.
Strategic Social Media
Content. Timing. Creativity. Application. It's a tricky business. Businesses make pivotal mistakes by taking high quality elements, and juggling them blindly. Marking demographics requires lots of time to analyze your competition. Having Tidal Shore at your side increases revenue, presents new insights, and aids in making better decisions. We will know exactly where you fit in so we can increase.
Media Marketing
Hiring a media company, gives you access. Information is sometimes a locked closet that only industry people are privy to. Media technology is the secret being told every second. We are the media partner to turn good customers into better ones. Personal attention is not something you can buy anywhere. Big companies are throwing stones on your behalf, in hopes that a few get noticed. Make your business ready for the next wave or make that wave happen.

Losing to poor strategy?

Think you have a well tooled plan? Some groups have spectacular parts but completely miss in other areas, or worse, have completely neglected them. Wouldn't it be great to have an overview of the big picture form a fresh, outside the box perspective - your box that is. After 20 years of experience, developing emerging and established businesses and organizations of all sizes, Tidal Shore specializes in 'outside the box.'

Where are you in your organizational evolution?

No one has all of the answers, but we understand the foundational principals for every size business. We will meet you where you are in your budget and offer an array of tools to get you over the next hurdle. Break out of the monotony you find yourself in, or strengthen the one that is working for you with a little push.

What gives us an edge? We have been observing business growth for more than 20 years. Our services have been communication, and creative based. We have out of house sales teams, media groups, design services, and publishing know-how. Identify common obstacles and get the help to make it all happen. We specialize in project management.
Identify weak points in your plan, before you encounter a big problem. We have seasoned professionals who use proven methodology, for new business development and the science of growth.

With everything in place, it's all systems go, but where are you going? How differentiated is your business? What are you really selling? Is there a missed opportunity right under your nose? Is your organization ready to meet the challenges of the present? Are your long term goals realistic,
practical, focused and disciplined?

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